1960’s Style Bullet Bras For Vintage Look

bullet bras

The 1960s brought a wave of fashion innovations and one iconic garment that emerged during this era was the bullet bra. Known for its distinctive pointed cups, the bullet bra was a symbol of the fashion-forward woman of the time. If you want to recreate the vintage look of the 1960s, you should incorporate bullet bras into your wardrobe. To embrace this retro style, we come up with 1960s style bullet bras in various sizes and colors to suit your preferences.

Padded Bullet Bra

Maitresse Black Satin Bullet Bra

Harlow Peach Satin Bullet Bra

1950s Pink Gingham Bullet Bra

Liz White Retro Bra

Glamour 1950s Underwired Bra

1940s Satin Bra

Clara Black Lace Bra

Diamond Whirlpool Bra

1960s Polka Dot Bra

1960s Black Sheer Bra

Millionairess Leopard Print Bra

The bullet bra can be a key element in achieving an authentic 1960s fashion statement. Pair your bullet bra with high-waisted bottoms to complete the vintage look. This combination accentuates the hourglass silhouette that was popular in the 1960s. Don’t forget to add other vintage-inspired accessories like cat-eye glasses, pearl jewelry and a sleek retro hairstyle to transport yourself back to the stylish days of the 1960s.

Images source: whatkatiedid.com

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