3 Ways To Support Sagging Breasts Better

bra for saggy breasts

Most women are acutely aware of the fact that there’s no avoiding the ravages of gravity. While sagging skin can contribute to lines and wrinkles on the face, it can also cause a woman’s breasts to appear a lot less perky and, ahem, upbeat than they once were.

While it’s important to love your body no matter your figure, it’s also natural to be frustrated by sagging breast tissue. Fortunately, there are a few easy and painless ways to reduce sagging and feel good about your body once again.

Opt For a Wireless Bra

While factors like age and breast size play significant roles in sagging, many women believe that wearing a wireless bra is the best defense against a deflated figure. Medical News Today reported on a study that wearing a bra decreased the perkiness of breast tissue, but it should be noted that further research is necessary to determine the real impact.

Because most women feel more comfortable with a bra than without one, wireless designs are a good compromise. These bras offer the right amount of support without putting too much pressure on breast tissue, which could possibly result in premature sagging. When it comes to finding a well-fitting bra, be sure to:

  • Avoid bra straps that cut into your skin, as this indicates a too-small cup size
  • Make sure the band (aka the part of the bra that goes around your body) fits snugly for optimal support
  • Look for a bra that lies snug against your body but also allows a wide range of movement

A quality bra will provide the support a woman needs to feel comfortable without negatively impacting her silhouette.

Try Chest Exercises

While the best bras for large breasts can help you look and feel amazing, there are ways to build up muscles under breast tissue for a more buoyant figure. Exercise won’t necessarily have an impact on sagging skin, but working out the underlying muscles can help the breasts appear higher on the chest. Effective breast workouts include:

  • Pushups
  • Planks
  • Dumbbell presses
  • Barbell bench presses
  • Medicine ball tosses

When working out muscles consistently, most people begin to see the desired results from 8 to 12 weeks after beginning a fitness regimen.

Help Your Skin Maintain Elasticity

Along with finding the best wireless bra for saggy breasts, your diet can also play a role in the perkiness of your figure. A type of protein, collagen is what gives skin its elasticity. While collagen naturally declines over time, certain foods can help your body produce more. For instance, vitamin C is essential in generating more collagen, and vitamin C can be derived from citrus fruits, broccoli, and other foods.

Avoiding certain bad habits is also beneficial for retaining skin elasticity. Smoking can deplete collagen, so it’s best to avoid cigarettes to maintain good health as well as a youthful appearance.

A Quality Bra Can Make a Huge Difference

When it comes to bra selection, the right option will offer comfort as well as aesthetic appeal. Look for bras designed with diverse body types in mind, as well as those made from quality materials to ensure you’re satisfied with how you look and feel.

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