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Pretty Polly is a well-known British brand famous for making stylish legwear and hosiery. It started back in 1919 in England and has been creating high-quality legwear for over 100 years. What sets Pretty Polly apart is its commitment to being fun, playful, and accessible. They’re all about innovation too – they were the first to introduce hold-ups, stockings that stay up without needing a suspender belt. With a solid reputation for producing trendy, top-notch products and collaborating with famous designers and celebrity models, Pretty Polly has definitely made its mark.

Embody (Brands) Limited 292 Haydn Road Nottingham NG5 1EB
0115 924 6700

Lingerie Collection

Pretty Polly provides a diverse range of products, including tights, stockings, leggings, lingerie, loungewear, socks, and eco-friendly wear. All of Pretty Polly’s offerings are crafted with the latest fashion trends in mind. Whether you’re in search of sheer tights to complement a formal ensemble or activewear leggings to add a splash of color to your gym attire, Pretty Polly has something to suit every taste. The brand is dedicated to incorporating eco-friendly materials in its products, such as recycled and biodegradable yarns, in all new developments. The Eco-wear and Active-wear collections represent a sustainable line of hosiery, seam-free underwear, tops, and leggings made from the world’s first biodegradable yarn. Pretty Polly has also introduced period pants, offering a sustainable approach to menstruation.

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