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Delisa rose is a brand that empowers women to feel sexy, beautiful & confident in their own skin. We create and design cutting-edge and innovative looks that complement the woman’s body. You are Delisa Rose! Wear it. Love it. Live it!

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Delisa Rose is a luxury lingerie brand of the 21st century, offering products that women will love. We design for women, with a millennium flare to it. Our brand focuses on using quality materials and unique patterns that will complement the woman’s body.

Our CEO is a warrior in her own right! She has overcome so much in her life and she believes that wearing lingerie is a way of self-expression, and that all women are beautiful and should feel comfortable with who they are. Delisa Rose is for that everyday woman and is here to take the world by storm one garment at a time.

We would love to explore partnership opportunities with you! Whether it’s collaborating on events or featuring Delisa Rose Luxury Lingerie in your store, we’re
excited to connect and discuss how we can work together. Please reach out to us through the following channels.

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